Strawberry Crush 1ltr,Ruhaan,Mixed Fruit Jam 1kg Combo

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A summer time favourite, Juicy, bright happiness fruit with its deep red colour and thick pulpiness with just the right amount of sweetness you can enjoy the sensation of summer all year long with our bottled with love Mala's Strawberry Crush. Add the strawberriness to your delicious milkshakes, thickshakes, ice-creams, smoothies... Use as Dessert Toppings to pour on your desserts and sundaes.

Mala's Sharbat-E-Ruhaan is a fruity herbal syrup blended in right proportions to give refreshing taste and nutritious value which your body needs in summer days. Its a perfect summer cooler and a must for every home for treating your guest. A refreshing concoction with blend of herbal ingredients makes Sherbat-E-Ruhan ideal for Sherbats, Faloodas, Mocktails and desserts.

Mala's has been making quality Jam since 1958. What started as a 6 bottles a day endeavour, Today the company boasts of 800 tonnes of jam production alone. Our Jam is made in the hilly countryside where the berries are grown in our backyard to be processed into a fresh wonderful Jam which are bottled with love. Mala's Jams are pure in quality with rich Fruit content which adds to the natural sweetness, freshness and are more delicious. A hearty, delightful Fruit Jam for fruit lovers


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